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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 16, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we give them a different label to put on themselves and it's something they become on their way to the finish line. how wonderful is that? maybe you know someone who deserves a little recognition. we invite you to go to cnn. the lead with jake tapper starts now. >> suspected arsonists have been arrested with huge zones of california in cinders. arrested for suspected arson could the teens in custody be connected to the massive wildfires that are making the san diego area look like it was napalmed. >> general motors hit the maximum fine for delaying the recall for a decade. two issues. the fine is less than 1% of gm's annual earnings and two, none of it is going to the crash victims
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or their families. is that justice? politics that would apply to everyone. harry reid is not hiding the fact that billionaire koch brothers are his target. he's so eager to limit their influence he's willing to change our nation's founding document over it. good afternoon, everybody. the pictures look like inis a grams from hell. five remaining active wildfires burning all at once in southern california. the flames charring more than 17 square miles in san diego county. at least 11,000 people remain under evacuation orders. a view now from the sky of the fire burning in escondido. this is one of the more stubborn fires with no causes determined. investigators are treating each fire as if it were a crime scene. police say they've arrested two young men for setting two small brush fires yesterday in the
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county. they are looking whether the suspects are connected to the larger fires that have been burning for days. ted rollins is standing by live for us in california. officials hoping cooler temperatures and calmer winds will help today. is the weather cooperating? >> it has throughout most of the day but within the last hour the winds have picked up, jake, which is bad news to put wind on those hot spots that are burning every where. because of the fires because of the firefighters efforts most of the fires are under control except for escondido. this is still a major concern. a wall of black smoke and flames were coming towards his house. >> the first flames i saw was a neighbor's tree. >> reporter: thinking he was about to lose his home he was getting ready to leave when firefighters pulled up in three engines. >> they were here. i opened up gates for them.
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the back gate area to make it easier for them. i said guys save my house if you can. and they did. >> reporter: the home beside him was lost. everyone got out okay. when you consider the wall of flames that consider those mini tornado-like spirals it's amazing more homes were not lost. those fire tornadoes that you're looking at is an example of the critical fire weather and explosive fire growth that we're seeing out here. our fuel conditions are at a critical level. we're in may. these are levels we normally wouldn't see until august, september. time lapse video shows the san marcos fire going from bad worse. there are questions on what or who might have started the fires. >> i just have my suspicions, it's six in a day. even though the conditions would allow for that, usually when a
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fire spread it will spread by it's own embers or spread close to one another. that didn't happen here. >> a 19-year-old man is one of two teens arrested for starting two small brush fires. as of now, though, neither has been linked to the larger blazes. jake, tonight still 12,000 people are out of their homes. the big concern is this escondido fire and the winds that have kicked up. >> ted rollins stay safe. fortunes are shifting with the winds in carlsbad, california. 48 hours ago the sky in carlsbad was orange with smoke and flames looking like mass godzilla leaves behind. today it seems as though things are starting to look up for the community. i'm joined now on the phone by carlsbad mayor matt hall. i know it's been a crazy week four. at this point do you believe
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your firefighters have the fire completely contained? >> we're at 85%. any time you have conditions that we're in today, trying to get the hot spots out can sometimes take several days. so we weigh in on the side of caution and we still have people out in the area, you know, looking at some of these places that are still smoldering. >> what's the status on the evacuation order. has it been lifted for everyone in your town? >> it's been lifted for everyone. there's some areas where the most damage was done where we're still having police presence, but we've got just about everybody back into their home at this time. except for those that were lost. >> right. now that you're getting a handle on the fire what's the next move? will your fire department go to other fires and assist other crews >> most certainly. all of north county came to carlsbad because we were one of the first fires in this week of
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many. so we will definitely be out with our men and women in other areas. >> and mr. mayor, the fire in carlsbad burned i believe 400 acres. please give us some description of the detail of the damage. how many homes have been lost? how many buildings? >> we lost about 24 apartment buildings. about four homes. about eight homes were damaged. and two or three commercial properties either were lost or damaged. >> and put this into perspective for us. i know southern california does have fires. have you ever seen a fire this bad in, obviously not in carlsbad but in southern california before? >> southern california in these weather conditions, the santa ana conditions, we've experienced many fires over the years. we actually had a fire far more severe than this a few years ago called the harmony grove fire
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where we lost 52 homes. since that period of time our building codes have changed. we have more equipment. better training. working to create more resources to make sure that would never happen again. >> carlsbad mayor matt hall. good luck with the last 15% of the fire. we appreciate you coming on. >> yeah, thank you. have a good day. >> one of the scariest phenomenon we see are these bizarre columns of flames spinning from up from the ground into the sky. scientists usually refer to these as fire whirls. in keeping with the rule adding nado to any word makes it more terrifying many are calling them firenado. tom how does one of that's fi
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firenados firm. >> where a fire can spring up and one moment can be pushed in one direction and moments later pushed back the other way. how does this come together to create that spiral. fire burns into at that hot bed of fuel whether it's low grasses or low shrubs, something that gets it going. you're talking about 1500 to 2,200 degrees in temperature. then a cold pocket of air appears somewhere above it and all of that hot air starts rushing up towards that cold pocket and you end up getting that typical spiralling pattern that you see in tornadoes and it brings up hot gas from down on the ground. as they get up high enough where there's more oxygen they burst into flames and establishes that column that rotates more and more rapidly. >> these things are fascinating and terrifying to watch. they're he actually as strong or as dangerous as regular tornadoes? >> generally, no.
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there are such things as true fire tornadoes but they are incredibly rare. basically a tornado colliding with a brush fire. but when you talk about a fire whirl or a fire devil as some people call it we're talk something 20, 30, 40 miles per hour instead of hundreds of miles an hour. it's still dangerous. here's why. the winds we talked about earlier can make these things lay over and go horizontal and then it's like a blow torch blowing hundreds of degrees, thousands of degrees out across the ground. huge danger to firefighters. here's another danger. i talked about the gas that get drawn in. even as this thing goes straight up in the air. there are tiny particles that are drawn in and they may not be burning but when they get up high they burst into flames and get flung out and carried out by the windsor far they create little ancillary fires off in the distance and very easy for firefighters who are too close to one of these or citizens who
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are too close to find themselves caught and imagine if this fire catches in between this, spreads all around. so they are essentially in a ring of fire is your rounded in all directs. that's why these have to be treated with caution. these are fairly common. fire whirls -- i've been covering fires for a long time more than 30 years. you rarely get to see them up close as we have but they are out there and they have to be treated with respect. >> one of the reasons for the evacuation orders. >> coming up on the lead, arson or accident two teens under arrest for possible arson. what were they caught doing. he's the new leader of the world's largest democracy. he was banned from entering the u.s. why wouldn't the federal government allow him on u.s. soil? all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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. welcome back. staying with our national lead as we reported at the top of the show, police in san diego county have arrested a 17-year-old and a 19-year-old on suspicion that they started two small fires yesterday. it's unclear whether they have any connection to the much larger fires currently b barbec the area. some people suspect these massive fires were set intentionally. let's bring in jeff carl. he spent 20 years investigating suspicious fires. thanks so much for joining us. what leads to you believe that some of these fires may have been as a result of arson or at least set intentionally? >> well, my belief is just based on the fact that there were so many. but, again, i'm an outsider at this point in time so those folks that have the responsibility to actually conduct those fire investigations have that actual responsibility. each one of them will be investigated and they will
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determine first where the fire started and then what caused the fire. >> more than 17 square miles have burned. where would one even begin to investigate? >> well, there are last count besides two fires you talked about the juveniles set offing last night there were nine fires as i recall seeing on the news. and every one of them will have their own specific area of origin, it will have a place where the 911 caller said first they saw smoke, where first responders were sent. there will be witnesses as well as the 911 caller. in addition investigators want to talk to the first arriving engine companies to find out what they saw. there it's a matter of reading the fire behavior indicators as well as eliminating certain areas where the wind or the weather actually pushed the fire in order to locate that area of origin. >> it sounds -- >> once the area of origin is indicated then they got to go to
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work to eliminate accidental causes and looking for an incendiary cause. >> has there been times when it's as simple as finding the actual cigarette, finding the lighter that was used? >> i was not lucky once. i can't say that it's a regular occurrence. sometimes it does happen. but the principals and the basis for these fire investigations systematic approach so you don't miss them if they are there. the difficulties arise when the firefighters first respond end up having to put fire lines into the area where that fire started. there can be a possibility that some evidence is either stepped on or washed away but we've worked over the years very diligently with the first responding companies to have them be able to recognize where a fire was likely to have started and to try to protect that area. >> you said you were that lucky once. what did you find that one time?
1:18 pm
>> i was on my way home from my regular duty assignment. a fire started on my way home. i stopped because an engine company just arrived and the true fire investigator in me had me start looking at the area that appeared to me for where it most likely started. >> when somebody burns down a building somebody might suspect profit, revenge, vandalism. what causes arsonists to set a wildfire? >> some of the same motives you just mentioned as well as some of the others. it's extraordinary those two individuals that are in custody in escondido set those two fires in the area where the base camp has been established for all the firefighters to come back and get some rest and recupperation and food. that part hasn't been talked about a whole lot. you're not always talking about people who, for a pretty good
1:19 pm
euphemism hitting on all eight cylinders. yes the same part, kit carson park. it's a large park. excuse me. but that's where fire camp is. and in the same basic park, probably not in the base camp -- again i'm not investigating the fires but i saw that on the news this morning that those kids were grabbed right there where all the fire engines and firefighters are trying to take a break and they were setting fires. >> what's the typical profile of an arsonist. >> there's not a lot of typical profile in some serial arsonists. we have identified people who tend to be caucasian, male, 20 years old to 28 years old and disaffected in terms of their fit into society. some people use the term losers or loners. we've seen people like that in
1:20 pm
my career that were repeat offenders and the scary thing about those particular individuals is that they tend to be very, very prolific. >> jeff carl, thank you for your time and insight. when we come back he was once shunned by the west and even denied entry into the united states. that seemingly now will all change because he has become the prime minister of the world's largest democracy. later they are enemy number one for democrats, the billionaire brothers who use their fortune who try to influence campaigns. the senate democratic leader has a possible way to stop them amending the constitution. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
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the memorial day sale is ending soon. herbert hoover promised a chicken in every pot, the man who will be india's next prime minister promised a toilet in every mommy. considering half of the 1.2 billion people living in india don't have one that's a pretty big public health platform. the way that narendra modi the leader of the hindu nationalist party india should build toilets
1:25 pm
before temples. why should you care? well, modi considered to be a fundamentalist hindu was criticized for not doing now stop the deaths of 1,000 people during a rash of anti-muslim riots in 2002 in the state where he at the time was governor. it was so bad that this man who will soon be the leader for about one sixth of the world's population he was not allowed to enter the united states in 2005. the bush administration denied him a visa. today the white house is welcoming modi with open arms. but the questions remain. who is this guy? what does he mean for his country and our economy. here to explain this to me is becky anderson live from new delhi. he started out selling tea at train stations. tell me more about narendra modi.
1:26 pm
>> reporter: i'll give it a go. he's been effectively the ceo of extremely successful state here in western india. when i say successful i'm talking growth of 10% in the last decade. we would like a 10% growth rate. the average growth rate here now is about 4.5% on a national basis and india sees that as an underperforming nation and narendra modi has made a point on the campaign trail of saying, of making huge promises on the economic front, show me the modi. that's been the overwhelming talk here and the overwhelming voice from some half a billion of those who have voted. let me step back for a moment. half a billion people voted on what was the world's biggest democratic exercise ever.
1:27 pm
and a majority of those, a clear majority of those have voted for modi and his party. they are looking at inflation of over 11% here. they want the underperforming economy sorted out and that, of course, for the rest of the world provides enormous opportunities. jake, let's remind ourselves. this is an economy of $2 trillion. this is a big deal, being friends with the new leader or leader-elect at this point ought to be a sensible decision, i think. >> becky, he was banned entry into the united states a few years ago. does he still resent that? is there bad blood? >> reporter: i spoke to his spokesman about two hours ago and it was clear to me that if nothing else there was a pride issue here. if you're going to be friends with one of the biggest leaders or most important leaders in the
1:28 pm
world, let's be frank, india absolutely ought to be up there as one of the powers if not the superpower, certainly that's what india believes, then you do not invite them to the party as it were. you don't ban them from coming into the states. certainly the spokesman was awaiting with bated breath and his leader for a call from president obama. we now believe, we're told, that has happened. but just a little bit of time. he does now, we're told, he'll be given a visa as all heads of state would be to travel to the states. so to a certain extent that's being sorted out. >> becky anderson in new delhi, india. they spent millions to sway the minds of voters. democrats are sick of them. they are so sick of them they are willing to take drastic measures. what democrats are cooking up to
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welcome back to "the lead." they are famously deep posted republican donors that democrats are trying cast as political boogiemen. and now harry reid is proposing to change the united states constitution to try to stop the koch brothers. he wants to limit how much they and everyone else can spend in federal elections. republicans call the move demagoguery and radical. it's all part of the strategy for the mid-term elections to make the koch brothers the face of political opposition of income inequality. cnn chief congressional correspond dana bash has the story. >> reporter: flooding the air
1:34 pm
waves this election year democratic ads featuring two men not on any ballot, not even politicians. >> brought to you by out of state billionaires the koch brother. >> reporter: billionaire businessmen and gop mega donors the koch brothers. senate majority leader harry reid takes the unusual step of regularly ripping the koch brothers on the senate floor. >> no conscience. as unamerican as anyone i can imagine. >> reporter: other high-profile democrats are doing it too. >> the koch brothers are bringing in millions of dollars. >> they can't possibly cross the koch brothers. >> reporter: democratic sources tell cnn it's a carefully crafted strategy to make the koch brothers the 2014 election villains. the prich manipulating the political system. >> the koch brothers seem to believe in an america where the system is rigged to benefit the very wealthy. >> reporter: how wealthy are they? "forbes" magazine puts charles and david koch as the fourth
1:35 pm
richest men in america with a fortune of more than $41 billion. their oil, gas and textile conglomerate makes products we use every day, dixie cups, toilet paper, stain master, even lycra. their business is privately held. the koch brothers own 84% of koch industry shares. >> i believe in fiscal responsibility and supporting american business. >> reporter: their libertarian politics comes from their father fred koch a chemical engineer whose experience working in the soviet union instilled an aversion to big government. charles and david spent tens of millions of their are personal wealth to push those anti-big government views. but exactly how much they donate is impossible to track. it's cloaked in secrecy. they fund groups not required to disclose do for months. groups to impact federal, state and even municipal elections. how dark and secretive it?
1:36 pm
>> they are very secretive in the way they operate politically. they have a very vast and wide network of nonprofit organizations, and limited liability companies. >> reporter: it's a huge web of roughly three dozen conservative groups funded at least in part by the cobs. one freedom partners acts as a hub of sorts funded by the cobs and 200 other like-minded businessmen. freedom partners raised over $250 million in 2012. tim phillips is the president of americans for prosperity one of the most prominent koch backed groups. you can see how people might look at the unprecedented amount of money you're spending, not knowing who the money is coming from and just assume that it's coming from dark evil places. >> they are not exactly hiding, dana. if you think about it. david is on our board of our foundation. we'll follow the law and shield the privacy and the first amendment rights of the folks who support us. >> reporter: democrats say the idea that the money is going to
1:37 pm
oppose government regulation and environmental protection because of economic principle is laughable. democrats say it's all about making them richer. to counter that koch allies argue ethanol subsidies help koch industries but lobby against it. we asked for an interview with charles or david but the media adverse brothers wouldn't talk to us. a spokesman suggested their long time friend and former employee. >> i would describe them as people who are driven by integrity, humility. >> this image of these two fat cats with fun pet string -- >> it's not reality. >> reporter: those who know charges and david koch say they have a long term goal of infusing america with their libertarian ideals but each has a personal passion. for charles koch soft spoken intellectual who lives in their home town of wichita, kansas it's higher education pumping millions in to colleges and
1:38 pm
verse around the country mostly to push free market economics to college students. by contrast, david koch is in new york and lives the life of a big city billionaire. he donates tens of millions to medical research, hospitals and even a liberal bastion the arts, giving $35 million to bring a dinosaur to the smithsonian. their names may be on buildings and on democrats lips -- >> these two brothers are trying to buy america. >> reporter: -- but they remain largely silent. why don't they come back and hit back and defend their character? >> i think that instinct is somewhat mediated by the nastiness and viciousness of these attacks that have real ramifications from the standpoint of security. >> reporter: they won't be specific but koch sources insist they've had significant death threats. still charles and david koch just don't cling to privacy
1:39 pm
because of security concerns they are trying to limit public scrutiny even as democrats make them the faces of fat cat influence. >> dana bash joins me now. the koch brothers have this organization that they founded and support americans for prosperity. they plan on spending $125 million on the mid-term elections. put that into context. can that have an impact? >> a huge impact. probably going be more than $125 million. to put it into perspective that's more than the parties, republicans and democrats, their campaign arms are likely going to sfoend get their candidates elected on a federal level. again, this is money that they are spending that comes from anonymous donors. we don't know where it comes from. they will do it across the board. television ads. field operation. voter i.d.. they are going to get the list for voters out there. they are acting in large part like political parties. >> they are of course democratic and liberal superp.a.c.
1:40 pm
organizations. let's talk about this constitutional amendment that harry reid brought up this week. is that a real thing? could they actually get a constitutional amendment or is this just about painting them as boogiemen the koch brothers. >> mostly about painting them as bogeymen. you know how difficult it is to pass a constitutional amendment. in the best of times you need bipartisan votes on that. and there's no way this is even close to bipartisan, the idea of getting constitutional amendment out there. no question just another attempt by democrats to keep out there the idea that the koch brothers as you say are the villains. what's so interesting about thele democratic strategy is they've gotten some push back. jon stewart made fun of harry reid and i heard from democratic sources they almost don't care because their whole goal is to get the koch brothers, to get them in the whole concept of people's minds as these rich fat
1:41 pm
cats that are the problem with republicans and the problem with the party. so it really is raw, raw politics. >> dana bash thank you so much. we'll continue to follow the money as this election season heats up. next week we'll look at the big money funding democrats this year. also in politics today a day after testifying before congress about the national disgrace at the u.s. veterans hospitals involving excessive wait times today the undersecretary for health in the va is resigning. that's him next to secretary shinseki after a cnn investigation unveiled these ridiculously long wait times. if petzel is falling on the grenade for his department it's not good enough for the republican who chairs the house committee on veteran affairs. he released a statement calling petzel's resignation the opinion
1:42 pm
cal of double speak. petzel was already scheduled to retire in 2014. president obama has announced his replacement. general motors ordered to pay the maximum fine allowed by law. why won't any of the victims families see a cent. plus he's an nfl big shot who won so much at the kentucky derby he was handing out hundreds to strangers. churchill downs now say that money wasn't rightfully his. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well:
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not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. welcome back to "the lead." the federal government today slapped a $35 million fine on general motors for failing to fix faulty ignition switches in its cars. gm knew about the problem for ten years before they finally issued a recall in february of this year. the recall impacted 2.6 million cars including models that have been tied to 13 deaths.
1:47 pm
the ceo of gm was hauled before congress where lawmakers accused gm of a cover up. she said the company still investigating what happened. that's about all she said. while the $35 million fine is a record civil penalty and the max allowed by law the families of the men and women who lost their lives will not see a single cent of it. gm's cash goes directly into the coffers of the u.s. treasury. joining me now from new york, cnn correspondent, poppy harlow. that's less than 1% of gm's annual profit. this is rounding error. >> reporter: authors exact words that the head of the d.o.t. used today in this announcement. i don't know if gm would agree but that's what the government is saying. they are less than 1% of the annual earnings of this company over the last 12 months. here's tissue. that's the maximum they can fine under law. they are pushing congress to move that fine way up to $300 million. this is a civil penalty for tying anythings switch defect that cost 13 lives if you hit
1:48 pm
the ignition switch with your knee or going over a bump the car could turn off. airbags may not inflate. gm even acknowledging that cost 13 lives. the issue here, jake, as you know, they knew about this back in 2004 and did not tell anyone about it or fix it until this year. this settlement is a civil settlement. the criminal investigation by the doj is very much still ongoing, the fbi is still investigating. let me read you what the ceo of general motors said about this. today she said quote we've learned a great deal from the recall. we'll now focus on the goal of becoming an industry leader in safety. we'll emerge from this situation a stronger company. i spoke extensively with general motors on the phone today. their press team. i asked what else is ahead. you made a number of internal changes. you doubled the amount of investigators you have. are there more changes ahead. they said yes there are more internal changes ahead. nobody has been fired as a result of this. two engineers have been put on
1:49 pm
paid leave but at this point, jake, today in this announcement from the government they said that this went all the way up to executives. what we want to know is who. >> poppy, when can families of the victims expect to see any money? >> they are not going to get any of this money. if you look at toyota as an example in that unintended acceleration recall big recall a few years ago they set wonderland the justice department on those criminal charges for $1.2 billion. so if the doj does find gm liable, gm could face a big penalty to settle criminal charges. also a very important name ken feinberg an attorney who deals with victim compensation after 9/11, bp oil spill, after the boston marathon bombing he's been hired by gm, he's inhouse there now working on dealing with that issue of victim compensation. if they are going to pay out victims, who they will pay, how much. the tricky thing this company
1:50 pm
went through bankruptcy in 2009. technically they are not liable for costs pre-2009 upless they are found criminally liable because that's the old gm versus the new gm. a lot of big questions. i did talk to the head of the center for auto safety today and he said he thinks the fines should be unlimited. he thinks that possible jail time should be considered here if gm is found criminally liable. >> poppy harlow, thank you. when we come back he's blowing away the box office competition. what would the military do to fight off a real life godzilla? the air force has a plan for that. that's next.
1:51 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." two his supporters he was the
1:55 pm
liberal lion. >> the work begins anew. the hope rises again. and the dream lives on. >> that was the legendary senator ted kennedy speaking at the 2008 democratic national convention. he passed away exactly one year later. now a tribute comes to a man who spent four decades in the senate. construction work is on edward m. kennedy institute. it wilkon taken a full size replica of the u.s. senate chamber. caroline kennedy joins us now. such an honor to have you here. tell me what's the point, what's the purpose of the edward m. kennedy center. what will people do. >> it's so great to be here with you. i'm so excited to talk about the edward m. kennedy institute. first of all this institute for
1:56 pm
the senate is something that teddy started talking about, conceived of, planned for, starting about 12 years ago. >> really? >> really. and he loved education. he loved history. and he loved the united states senate. and he really felt that the way to get people engaged in understanding their government was by getting the home understand the united states senate. and he wanted a place where people could in an interactive way, in a hands on way learn about the senate. >> there's going be a replica -- >> a representation. >> so people like you and me who have never been on that floor -- >> exactly. i've never been able to walk on the senate floor. nookt senator, not being a staff member. as it should be. and it's a place for people to be able to understand that senate experience. it's totally interactive. as soon as visitors come in to
1:57 pm
the institute they will have a little orientation and they will get a hand-held device a google hand-held device where all of our exhibit, all of the senate experience, the visitor experience is interactive. if you're uncomfortable with an interactive experience there's docents to take you through. but it's getting people to learn the way they learn today. you get history in a way that's lively, interactive but it's history and the present all at the same time. you'll have a feed for what's happening in the senate today. you'll get a chance to comment on what's happening in the senate today. but in the most exciting part of the experience you'll have a chance to have a vote of the day. >> you get to vote. this is right next to the jfk library? >> right next door. every single visitor will have a chance to go into the chamber, call a vote of the day, here the pros and cons of a particular
1:58 pm
issue and have a chance to cast their vote and see how the vote came out. >> it sounds fascinating and i hope we get to come up when it opens. do i want to ask you one other question, if i can. you are a member of a very prestigious dynasty in american politics. there were a couple of years there when there was no kennedy in congress. now joe kennedy iii is there. i wonder about all this talk of the 2016 election the clintons and bushes and how maybe there shouldn't be dynasties ruling this country, et cetera, what do you think as a member of one of the preeminent american political die analysties. >> i don't think of it in terms of dynasty i'm thinking of it in terms of those who are qualified to lead this country. joe kennedy is a super star. i'm his biggest fan. i this he's fantastic. and i am delikdelighted to see
1:59 pm
people who want to get into office whatever their last name. >> edward m. kennedy institute opens in 2015 and we hope to be there and thank you so much for coming here. glad to meet you. >> great to meet you. in the sports lead, wes welker was a big winner at the kentucky derby. he was holding stacks of cash and handing out hundreds to total strangers. not all of the money the denver broncos receiver was doling out was rightfully his. the racetrack says someone with welker's group was overpaid on a bet by $14,000. they want their money back. it's not clear how much welker bet. welker a horse owner today said sorry he's not giving the cacheback. that's it for "the lead." i turn you over to wolf blitzer. he's next door in "the situation room". have a great weekend. >> happening now breaking news, raging infernos, thousands of
2:00 pm
homes are in danger. clouds of smoke across southern california. there are new concerns about arson and looting. donald sterling fighting back. he hires a lawyer, tells the nba he won't pay his fine. rejects his lifetime ban for racist remarks. and word that iran is defying the united nations by secretly developi developi developing ballistic missiles. >> we're following the breaking news the wildfires burning out of control across san diego county for a third consecutive day. evacuation orders are in effect right now for 11,000 people with about 20,000 acres burnt so far. the charred remains of one body has been found. damage at this point is put around $20 million. there's now growing concern about looting. let's begin with cnn ted ros.